Get Involved

The opinion of our students is critical to our long-term success, which is why we work closely with our student body to positively engage with passionate students as often as possible; and you can be part of this.

A massive part of College life is getting involved, joining in the fun and meeting new lifelong friends. We’ve made it easy for you to do this and many of the opportunities available will look great on your CV and will support your future career. 

Join the Yeovil College Student Union

This is essential! The Yeovil College Students’ Union (YCSU) organises gigs, parties, shopping trips and other social activities. Remember to pick up your NUS Extra Card (TOTUM) at our Freshers’ Fair for discounts off many high street brands, product and services.

Get Involved with Fundraising

YCSU is serious about fundraising, but like you, we want to have fun doing it! So we run lots of events, activities and collections to support our main charity which is selected at the beginning of every year by our students.

Over the years, we have enjoyed supporting charities such as School in a Bag and Cancer Research UK and of course we always support Children in Need and Macmillian.

We also proudly host one of our favourite charity events of the year – the Race for Life –  where 1,000s of mums, children, sisters, aunties, grandmas and now lads, dads and granddads all come together to raise money, support and awareness for Cancer Research UK.

Become a Student Rep

The opinion of our students is important to us. Being a student Rep helps shape your communication, negotiation and problem-solving skills. You will support us by raising issues, concerns or suggestions and together we will creatively solve them.

Join our Student Voice

Let your voice be heard through our Student Voice. Meet with the Senior Leaders of the College to help make your future the best it can possibly be, and that of your friends. Students from every subject area are represented, and this is very much an action group. Proposals are brought, discussed and acted upon.

Become a Student Ambassador

A Student Ambassador is someone who is willing and motivated to get involved, have some fun and support the College at events. You will enjoy working with people as part of a team and be an excellent communicator. You will get involved with College events such as our Information Evenings, Awards Ceremonies and community events.

Become a Student Governor

This is a prestigious role within the College, where students have the opportunity to formally join our corporation, join Board meetings and work with senior people to influence and shape the strategic direction and performance of Yeovil College. How good would that look on your CV!

Social Action

We have a huge focus on social action, which is about people coming together to help solve problems and get involved with issues that are important in their communities. This will typically include opportunities around volunteering, fundraising and community projects. Social action can make a real difference to well-being and can strengthen and support economic growth – we can’t wait to get started!

Duke of Edinburgh

DofE is a life-changing experience. A fun time with friends. An opportunity to discover new interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of achievement; respected by employers. Yeovil College has recently introduced this programme for our students at bronze, silver and gold; it’s an exciting time for everyone. Find out more information here.


A catch up with Ellimae Dunn, Student Governor:

I live locally and researched the college prior to applying. I learnt that they had an excellent Health & Social Care course, as well as an English & Maths department where I could gain my GCSE qualifications. After having taster days and induction sessions I knew that Yeovil College was the place I wanted to study. After my first year with the college, I knew I wanted to continue to learn with them. I am now in my second year and I will be going into my third in September.

As Yeovil College’s Further Education Student Governor I have regular meetings with the other College governors including, the principal, staff governors and independent governors. We discuss topics throughout the college and I give my views and opinion as a student. There are also additional groups and committees that governors can be a part of, for example I am an observer for the infrastructure committee.

I really enjoy the being a part of the community that is Yeovil College. Everything is student-led and listening to young adult’s voices is the top priority. The students are always kept updated on projects and change happening within the college and can get involved if they wish. I appreciate being treated as a young adult and the freedom college gives you to express yourself as an individual and discover what you’re passionate about. I also feel constantly supported by staff and my peers and am aware of services and opportunities occurring in my local area that I can access or participate in.

Please do not worry. You are an individual and your journey is unique to you. It is okay if you’re not sure what course you want to do or what job you want, and it is okay to discover this earlier or later than your peers. It is important you try things and put yourself out there. College is an opportunity to be responsible and learn new skills. It is okay if you come to the college with grades that you weren’t planning for, the college is very supportive in helping you to get your Maths and English qualifications, whether that be GCSE or functional skills. They also offer work experience opportunities that means students are able to observe working environments and trial various career options. The college is amazing at adapting to individuals as they understand everyone’s circumstances are different and that everyone will require different support and adjustments.

Yeovil College offers various work experience opportunities, as well as information regarding volunteering roles that are available within the local community. The college also organises a variety of clubs and enrichment programmes, through YC Edge, that students can get involved in. This can include first aid training, LGBTQ+, chess club, debate club etc, student union and student voice. The Student Union is made up of a group of students who can create projects, events and clubs in order to make changes to the college that will make students experiences better. There is also a larger Student Union group where anyone can join and shared their thoughts and opinions.

Once I have completed my final year I plan to attend university to study Nursing and start working in the NHS as a Health Care Assistant. Once I am a qualified Nurse I then want to go on to study Midwifery and travel with my Nursing. I also want to continue my additional roles and responsibilities external to the college.

By becoming the Further Education Student Governor, I have gained a huge amount of confidence. I feel more comfortable attending formal meetings and have developed many skills which I can go on to use in various environments. After receiving my post as a governor I started to apply for more roles and opportunities and I learnt how to balance several responsibilities at once. Having independent governors within the corporation who are or have been employed with the NHS has given me a useful insight into the organization, along with my volunteering for the service. By being the Chair of Yeovil College’s Student Union, it has also developed my leadership skills. It showed me how to use my influence and responsibility effectively and how I can help those around me.