Apprenticeships (Employers)

Apprenticeships combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge. We combine on the job assessment with practical application, online evidence and college based learning, tailoring the offer to the workplace and the employer needs.

Yeovil College’s Apprenticeship Coordinators are on hand to help you at every stage of your apprenticeship recruitment process; from recruitment through to completion of the apprentice. Many customers prefer an end-to-end solution whilst others enjoy a more bespoke and tailored plan.

To make an enquiry contact 01935 845392 or email: apprenticeships@yeovil.ac.uk

Why Hire an Apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice can help grow your team while keeping your staff costs down, meaning a higher productivity rate.

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What Will it Cost?

The cost of training your apprentice is dependent on their age and whether or not your business pays the Apprenticeship Levy.

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Recruitment Service

We offer a free recruitment and matching service to all employers who are looking to boost their workforce with apprentices. We will interview all candidates ensuring there is a strong synergy between both the candidate and yourself. We want your new recruit to fit seamlessly into your workforce.

At a pre-recruitment meeting, we will discuss and refine your individual needs and requirements of the role and we can work with you to develop a job description which reflects your ideal candidate, as well as the demands of the job.

You will be allocated a dedicated account handler who will be your point of contact throughout the recruitment process and available to answer any queries you may have. We can also help to arrange interviews; notifying candidates of times and schedules, tasks and arrangements for the day.

Upskill Your Team

An apprenticeship is not just about recruitment. As apprenticeships are available to people of all ages as well as a range of levels, right from Level 2 through to degree apprenticeships here at Yeovil College, current members of you workforce can also benefit from an apprenticeship. What better way than to develop the team and increase output than doing so through inward investments into the existing team; helping to motivate, develop and retain strong existing employees.

Why choose Yeovil College?

We already work with over 400 local and national businesses, so we have great experience we can use to give you the best results!

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Apprenticeship Offer

We offer a huge range of apprenticeships to suit a range of industry and sector needs.

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The Levy

Are you getting the most out of your Levy? Are you confident that you are maximising your staff development? Are you getting as much out of education as you could be?

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Our friendly, helpful and professional Apprenticeship team are on hand to tell you more and answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for, pick up the phone or drop them a line!

For more information call 01935 845392 or email apprenticeships@yeovil.ac.uk