Our onsite nursery aims to provide the children in our care with a happy and secure environment, which stimulates and encourages their natural development. We encourage independent decision making by the children, supported by our team of qualified staff, and the emphasis is on fun, within the context of a structured day.

The Yeovil College Nursery provides:

  • An understanding, gentle and gradual introduction to the centre which is dictated by the child’s progress during this time;
  • A secure, consistent and stimulating environment for the care of young children aged 3 months to 5 years where the needs of the children are paramount;
  • An educational and social setting to encourage and support children in their natural development;
  • A stimulating planned curriculum in accordance with OFSTED requirements;
  • A negotiated training facility and resource for care courses operating within the college to enable students to observe and become involved in good practice;
  • A flexible day, all year round provision for children of College staff, students and for community children;
  • Staff /child ratios recommended by OFSTED are met at all times.

Nursery Opening times

The nursery is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, all year round except bank holidays and Christmas week.

Contact us

If you’d like to discuss your child’s childcare arrangements, or you’d like to arrange a visit at a convenient time to suit you, please contact us as follows:

Call: 01935 845471

Email: nursery@yeovil.ac.uk

Or connect with us on Facebook.

Children learn through play and by providing a full and varied programme of activities, which are appropriate to both age and ability.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

Children will have the opportunity to listen and respond to a variety of stories, music and rhymes. They will be encouraged to express themselves through a wide variety of activities allowing them to extend and develop their conversational skills.

Physical Development:

Development in this area will be achieved through indoor and outdoor activities, which allows children to move with control and co-ordination using both large and small apparatus. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children will be encouraged to form good relationships with adults and peers, enabling them to practice the skills of sharing, working together in groups, helping themselves and others and being aware of the needs of themselves and others.


Children will be introduced to sounds and letters and their interest stimulated through access to a wide range of reading materials, such as books, poems and other written resources.


Through a wide and varied selection of activities children will have the opportunities to say and use numbers, recognise numbers and reliably count to ten.

Understanding the World:

Introduction to other cultures and beliefs will give them a wider knowledge of the world around them. They will be given opportunities to learn and talk about living things, events past and present, the environment and the natural world.

Expressive Arts and Design:

Activities including paint, model making, cutting, sticking, and the use of natural and manmade materials. They will express and communicate their thoughts and ideas through role play and imaginative play.

We want your child to feel safe and secure during their time at nursery so we encourage at least two, one hour settling in sessions with a parent/carer to help them get to know us and  settle themselves in. Following this we recommend you leave your child with us for a third one hour settling in session, this short session helps your child to begin to settle into the nursery.

On their first day your child will be welcomed by their key person who will be there to support them during the early days and help introduce them to new friends. If your child has a special teddy or blanket please bring them in as this often helps them to settle during those first few days. However, most children settle in quickly, make new friends and look forward to their time at nursery. 

Family Books

Your child’s key person will ask if you can make up a family book for your child to keep at nursery. This helps them to settle in and talk about key people in their family life. These books also encourage speech and language development and help your child to develop a sense of belonging. You can include pictures of grandparents, siblings, family friends and pets, familiar places such as their bedroom or special toy or teddy. If you need help then please speak to your key person or the manager.

How can we help you?

Before your child starts coming to the nursery, talk to him/her about it. Tell your child that you will be leaving but coming back to take them home!

We do encourage parents/carers to spend as much time as possible ‘settling in’ their children. These times can be arranged to suit your needs, visits can be booked with the supervisor in each room.

Is parting a problem?

If you are worried about leaving your child, do speak to the manager about it. This is very natural and very common. Do try not to show your child that you are apprehensive, as you may transmit this negative message to the child.

It is also quite normal that your child may be upset. If you have visited us together and talked positively about what is going to happen, this will help a lot.

Before you leave your child, please say goodbye. It may result in tears but, reinforced with the message that you are coming back soon; it will help him/her to cope.  If you leave when the child is not looking, this could create a problem of mistrust, making it harder for the child to settle and for us to care for them. Do ring us if you are worried after you have left.  We do not mind answering the phone and this will help to reassure you.

What you will need to bring?

For Babies:

  • A small photo of your baby for his/her coat peg;
  • Feeds made up in covered bottles (named please);
  • Weaning foods (named please);
  • Any foods or additional drinks required;
  • Disposable nappies and wipes (The nursery will supply cotton wool if preferred);
  • Change of clothing, hat and coat (named).

For Older Children:

  • A small photo of your child for his/her coat peg;
  • A named drawstring type bag (Nursery bags are available at a cost of £6.50);
  • Disposable nappies and wipes if still needed;
  • A change of clothes and extra pants (especially if toilet training!);
  • Sun cream when needed;
  • Sun hat or coat, hat and gloves depending on the weather;
  • Pair of wellies for the garden.

What to wear

In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones, it is advisable to send children dressed in clothes that are easily washable and preferably not new. It is good for children to practice the skills, which will make them independent.

Simple clothing which they can handle themselves will enable them to go to the toilet unaided and to put on and take off their outdoor clothes without being too dependent on other people for help.

The nursery also requests that each child is provided with a pair of wellington boots and a waterproof coat for wet weather, which are clearly labelled.


Yeovil College Nursery is aware of all the risks your child may be exposed to whilst in our care and we will endeavour to maintain a secure environment at all times. The nursery team must be notified if your child is being collected by a relative or any other nominated person.  Where possible please fill out the appropriate form available from the office in advance.

For your child’s safety, we would ask you not to admit unfamiliar persons when entering or exiting the building. By being vigilant you are helping to enforce our safeguarding procedures. We will not let children leave until we are satisfied who they are going with.

Health and Safety

The name of the designated Health & Safety Officer is on the main notice board. Any health and safety queries please arrange to meet with the nursery manager. We would ask all parents to make sure gates and doors are closed when entering or leaving the building and that they are mindful of little fingers.


It may be necessary from time to time for your child to receive medication.  Providing your child is well enough to attend nursery and is not contagious the nursery team are happy to administer appropriate medication as long as we are given prior written consent on the appropriate form.

Medication will only be administered by our qualified nursery team and witnessed by a second qualified team member.

Please see our administration on medication policy online for more detailed information.

If your child is unwell

The nursery has the right to refuse admission to any child who they feel is unwell or has an infection which could be passed on to others. Parents are requested not to send their child to nursery if they are suffering from any infectious diseases. This includes high temperatures, vomiting and diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, impetigo, obvious rashes or if they are not feeling well enough to attend.

Children suffering from diarrhoea and sickness must be kept at home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have cleared.

The nursery will do all that is possible to care for children who become unwell while at nursery.  We do understand that it is difficult for working parents/carers to leave work early, but if a child becomes too distressed or unwell to remain at nursery we will ask for them to be collected.

Please refer to our Health and Illness Policy for more detailed information.

Accidents and incidents

The nursery makes every effort to provide a safe environment for your child and carries out daily risk assessments to remove any hazards. Despite this accidents can happen, all accidents and incidents are recorded, monitored and parents/carers informed. You will also be asked to sign an accident form.

If the accident is of a more serious nature we will contact the child’s parent/carer or emergency contact to advise what has happened and action we have taken. If necessary we will contact the emergency services. It is nursery policy to always ring you if your child has had a bump to the head.

Arrival with existing Injury

If your child has had an accident at home please let the nursery team know and tell us what happened, you will be asked to complete an existing injuries form.

Here at the Yeovil College Nursery, we understand that high quality childcare whilst getting value for money is important to all our parents and carers. We have therefore provided information on help available to support you and your family with paying your nursery fees.

There are many different schemes available from the Government for which you might be eligible for to get help. The new Government website Childcare Choices makes it easy for parents/carers to find out what they can claim for as it’s all in one place. You can use the Childcare Calculator at www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator to see what is available to help support you with your nursery fees.

Please feel free to speak to the nursery management team, Michelle or Jill, if you require further help with accessing any of this funding support.

Tax-Free Childcare

Childcare Choices also offers tax free childcare – this new Government scheme contributes towards your payments. For every £8 you pay in the Government will also pay £2, up to £2000 per child. For more information go to the Childcare Choices website – www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

Working Tax Credit

If you receive working tax credit you may be able to get help towards the cost of childcare. For further details visit HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) website www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcredits or talk to us for advice and guidance.

Funded Nursery Early Years Entitlement for 2, 3 and 4 Year Olds

All children are eligible for Funded Early Years Entitlement the term after their third birthday and are able to claim up to 570 hours of nursery provision per year up until they start school.

Funded 2 Year Olds

2 year olds who meet the funding criteria will also qualify for 570 hours of funded early year’s provision, if you would like more information about whether you qualify please ask the nursery manager for advice on how to apply. This is funded by the Local Authority and known as funded Universal Early Years Entitlement.

Funded Extended Early Years Entitlement (30 hours) for 3 and 4 year olds

If you are a working parent and meet the qualifying criteria for the extended Early Years Entitlement you are eligible to claim an additional 570 hours (1,140 in total) funded nursery provision a year until they start school. This is also funded by the Local Authority and known as Extended Early Years Entitlement.

How to apply

You can apply for the Funded Early Year’s entitlement, Extended Early Years Entitlement and 2 Year funding entitlement via the nursery. Please ask for a funded Entitlement Registration Form to complete. To apply for the Extended Early Years Entitlement you will require a 30 hour’s eligibility code and this this can be applied for online at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

When claiming this funding it is subject to the Government and Local Authority terms and conditions.

Please remember it is the parent’s responsibility to apply for the 30 hours extended entitlement and to re-validate the application every 3 months via the Government website above.

How can you use this funding at Yeovil College Nursery?

  1. Parents may choose to have the flexibility of stretching their funding so you can access your child’s funding all year round. This means they will receive 47.5 universal hours per month or 95 universal and extended funded hours per month if eligible. This helps parents to spread their monthly payments more evenly across the year;
  2. Term time only: You may also choose to use your entitlement term time only – up to 15 hours per week (Universal Entitlement) or 30 hours per week(Extended Entitlement) for 38 weeks per year. We only have limited places available for term time only children, please ask the nursery manager for availability. This can be accessed in sessions of 5 or 10 hours (8:00am to 1:00pm, 1:00pm to 6:00pm or a full day 8:00am to 6:00pm).

Learners Support Fund

Students attending certain courses at the College may be eligible help paying their childcare fees from the Learner Support Fund. Information can be obtained from the Student & Customer Services team at Yeovil College on Telephone 01935 845452 or you can ask the nursery manager for further help.

Care to Learn

Students aged between 16 years to 19 years requiring childcare to attend College may also be eligible for help with paying their nursery fees. This may pay for all their childcare fees and help with transport cost. For more information please visit https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn . The nursery manager is also available to help if you need support in accessing this funding.