Evening, Part-Time and Free Courses

Evening, Part-Time and Free courses are a great concept to bring part-time learning and the community together. By combining a large range of both certified and leisure programmes, we can offer you the opportunity to rekindle an interest, discover a new hobby or develop new skills. 

From one-off courses that last just a few hours, to year-round programmes, we offer a broad range of evening, part-time, and free courses at Yeovil College. All Evening, Part-Time and Leisure courses can be found online and within our Adult Course Guide. You can also search for Evening, Part-Time and Leisure courses on Our Courses page.


Our super short leisure courses have been carefully designed to provide you with a new skill, additional knowledge, a taste into a new career or give you a flavour of a potential hobby. Our leisure courses are designed to give you a short taster of a subject area. However, if you enjoy what you are doing and feel that you want to learn more, expand your baseline knowledge or can see a potential career in your new passion, then you will have the opportunity to explore other courses we offer in these areas, including professional and technical programmes you could progress on to.


We offer a range of professional and technical part-time courses that will help you stand out from the crowd. Shaped by employers, these career enhancing and industry appropriate qualifications will provide you with up-to-date and relevant skills that can immediately be applied to the workplace. Each professional programme offers a clear line of sight to the end goal, whether that is a new job, a license to practice, development of enhanced skills or increased understanding of a specific subject. Some adults want to take their professional programmes further, so with this in mind, many of the part-time opportunities described will also lead very naturally to a higher or a degree programme at Yeovil College University Centre.


English, Maths and Digital Skills are essential in all careers and, in most circumstances, they are completely free to study. We believe that achieving such skills are critical to your future success and you will continue to develop competence and confidence levels. Solid English and Maths skills remain essential to most employers and critical to support higher and university level education. Our supportive English, maths and digital skills lecturers are experienced in working to support adults to achieve these vital qualifications.


If English is not your first language and you would like to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing of the English language, then we have the perfect FREE ESOL course for you (subject to eligibility criteria). Once students have completed their ESOL qualifications, many progress on to achieve their GCSEs, and indeed further qualifications beyond that. Our friendly and professional ESOL team are highly experienced in supporting students to succeed.



Once you have decided which course is right for you, the quickest and easiest way is to apply online.

If you would prefer to talk to someone about your options, including finance and student support, our iZone team are available on 01935 423921 or iZone@yeovil.ac.uk.