Yeovil College University Centre Student Support

We have a range of support available to enable all students to have a positive and academically fulfilling experience. Our university centre Student Support Officer can offer 1:1 support with wellbeing and can signpost students on to appropriate support services. Our dedicated Academic Liaison Librarian can support with information literacy skills and accessing the perfect resources for your assignments.

Student Support

All Yeovil College University Centre (YCUC) students are able to access a range of pastoral, academic, and learning support during their studies. Our Student Support Officer can provide 1:1 wellbeing support and can signpost students on to appropriate support services, and all learners can access wellbeing support at any time through our dedicated student wellbeing app.

We recognise that university-level study can be a step up – whether you are progressing on from previous study or returning to learning after some time away from the classroom – and provide a range of academic support to ensure all learners are able to achieve their best. Teaching staff offer tutorials to ensure all learners are well supported, and our Learning Resources Centre team provide a range of services to help students with researching, referencing, and navigating the resources available.

If you would like to find out more about the support available to YCUC students, or enquire about a specific type of support, please do contact our friendly team via university.centre@yeovil.ac.uk or 01935 845454.


Student Assistance Programme

At Yeovil College, we take our students’ wellbeing seriously. This is why we have partnered with HealthAssured to provide a Student Assistance Programme, which is 100% online and available for all of our students to access at any time, for any reason. Click here to find out more.


Students with disabilities, learning difficulties and long-term health conditions

At Yeovil College University Centre (YCUC), we are committed to ensuring every student with potential is able to access, succeed in and progress to higher education.

To ensure you are fully supported with your studies, we would encourage prospective students with disabilities, learning difficulties or long-term health conditions to look into Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs), to help with the costs of things such as specialist equipment, non-medial helpers, extra travel expenses, or other disability-related costs of studying.

We have put together a guide to explain the process of applying for DSAs. You can find more information about DSAs available on the government website page on Disabled Students’ Allowance.

For more information on support available for individuals with disabilities, learning difficulties and long-term health conditions who are considering applying to, in the process of applying to, or studying with YCUC, read the ‘HE Disability Support for Students Policy’, available in the Yeovil College University Centre section of our ‘Policies and Reports’ page.