What is an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a real job with real training, which allows an apprentices to earn while they learn, as well as gain a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships will open up a career with prospects of promotion and progression.


There are many benefits with any apprenticeship, from earning a salary, gaining variety of transferrable skills, learn job specific skills and much more. Who better to explain all about the benefits then our very own, Director Of Employer Engagement, Alex Clancy.

Can anyone become an Apprentice?

The majority of people can become an apprentice. You must:

      • Be 16 years of age or over;
      • Not be in full-time education (or available to move from full-time education to an apprenticeship);
      • Be living in the UK.

Let’s bust the myth – there is no such thing as being too old to be an apprentice. Apprentices can be any age and at any stage of their career, earning any salary. Apprenticeships really are for everyone.

Apprenticeship Toolkit

Any pathways can be confusing, this is also true with Apprenticeships. So we’re going to attempt to make it a little easier to understand. Everything you’ll need to know can be found in our very own Yeovil College Apprenticeship Toolkit. The Apprenticeship Toolkit will help guide you through any questions you may have being from, minimum wage for apprentices, are you eligible for an apprenticeship, what can you expect from Yeovil College, CV guides and templates and much more.

Apprenticeship Toolkit – Click Here

Safeguarding & Keeping Apprentices Safe

At Yeovil College, we take our responsibility to ensure the safety of our students very seriously, and this extends to our students who have chosen to undertake apprenticeship programme. We are committed to working together to create a fantastic learning experience, and to ensure the highest levels of apprentice safety and wellbeing.

Yeovil College has a commitment to safeguarding, which is overseen by a dedicated safeguarding lead. Your employer also has a duty to comply with all current and future UK legislation and statutory responsibilities, including welfare in the workplace and to seek appropriate advice when they feel an apprentice may be at risk in their personal lives.

Yeovil College will:

  • Ensure that employers are aware of their safeguarding obligations, through guidance, training and regular communication.
  • Ensure apprentices have an awareness of safeguarding and understand how to access college support services.
  • Provide safeguarding training for all college employees.
  • Maintain open channels of communication with each employer.
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What you need to know as an employer

We have provided some key information that our employer partners need to know. Developing the skills and knowledge of your workforce is critical for business growth and sustainability. We are a trusted partner, working collaboratively with over 400 employers locally and nationally.

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We have a huge range of apprenticeships on offer, and we’re confident that we can suit all career aspirations:

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Check out all our current vacancies right here on our website! If you are looking for something different or are after more information get in contact with our Student Recruitment Consultant on 01935 845380 or via studentrecruitment@yeovil.ac.uk who will be able to help you find your dream Apprenticeship.