How to Apply


If you wish to apply for a full-time Yeovil College University Centre course, such as a Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE), Higher National Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma (HND), Foundation Degree, Honours Degree (Top-Up) or a three-year full-time Honours Degree, then you will apply directly through UCAS at ucas.com. UCAS will guide you through their application process, or you can visit their undergraduate help page for full information. To apply, you will need the UCAS code belonging to the qualification which can be found within the course listing page both on this website and in our prospectus. You will need our institution name (Yeovil College University Centre) and code (Y25).

Once you have filled in your full application, you will need to provide a reference from a teacher, advisor, or other professional who knows you academically. You will then need to pay a set application fee before submitting your application.

You can view and track your application status through UCAS, including receiving offers. If you receive an offer or offers, you will need to reply to them through the UCAS website. More information is available here.



If you wish to apply for a part-time Yeovil College University Centre course, such as a Foundation Degree, Honours Degree (Top-Up), a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND), or a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, then you can do so via hard copy application form which is available from Yeovil College University Centre.

You can download a copy of the part-time application form here, or you can request a copy by contacting Yeovil College University Centre on 01935 845454 or university.centre@yeovil.ac.uk.



If you are currently at school or at an alternative college, then a member of your current institution’s staff may be able to help you.

Alternatively, full-time applicants can call UCAS directly on 0871 468 0468 or enquiries@ucas.ac.uk or all applicants can contact Yeovil College University Centre on 01935 845454 or university.centre@yeovil.ac.uk.

Click here to view our helpful ‘How to Apply’ FAQ sheet, which will give you more information on how and when to apply.



Applications typically open in early September, one year before your course will begin. The Equal Consideration Deadline is in January, and all applications received by this date must be considered equally by universities and colleges.

In most cases, we will consider applications right up until the start of term, provided there are spaces left on the course. For some courses we will continue to consider applicants up until the second week of term. It’s worth noting that for some programmes we might stop accepting applications a little earlier (for example, if you’re required to complete an enhanced DBS check we need to leave enough time for the DBS to be completed by the time the course starts).

If you are applying for a full-time course after 30th June, then you will use a process called ‘Clearing’. We advise you get in touch via university.centre@yeovil.ac.uk or 01935 845454 and we will gladly help you with the ‘Clearing’ process.

Sometimes, we have programmes that start in January. In these instances, information will be published online about the relevant deadlines for application.



After you have applied, our admissions team will consider your application. If you meet the minimum required entry qualifications for the course, then you will be invited to interview. From here there are three potential outcomes, you will either be given a Conditional Offer, an Unconditional Offer or your application will be rejected. For more information on how we consider applications, the interview process, types of offer, and enrolment, visit our helpful ‘What Happens After I Apply?’ FAQ sheet.



You can view the Yeovil College Admissions Policy here.