School Leavers

Our aim at Yeovil College is to give you the skills, knowledge and work experience to be able to follow your passion into your chosen career.

Why choose us?

We are the TOP PERFORMING COLLEGE in the whole of Somerset for the second year. With better success rates than any other college in Somerset your child is more likely to achieve with us:

  • Top for overall achievement rates for 16-18 year-olds
  • Top for A Level value added
  • Top for 100% A Level pass rate
  • Top for overall achievement rates for apprentices
  • Top 10% of best performing colleges in the country

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Study Options

At Yeovil College, we plan everyone’s education and learning around ‘study programmes’, which is a package of education suited to your career pathway. Your programme will include all education, enrichment and additional activities, which will ultimately provide you with your ‘Yeovil Edge.’ Your post-16 options are vast. How you prefer to learn and what you want to do beyond Yeovil College should inform what you choose next, whether that’s A Levels, T Levels, an Apprenticeship or a Vocational qualification. One is not better than the other, however one will suit you more than another. How you prefer to learn, how you perform at assessment and your post-18 career intentions are the most important considerations when making your decision about the types of qualification or study programme, for your next steps; and remember the options available to you at Yeovil College are vast.


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Industry Placements

Our industry placements have been designed to give students a valuable opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop excellent skills and to become truly employable. All Level 3 technical/vocational courses include an element of industry placement experience, of between 30 and 315+ hours.

Our students will:

  • Improve their employability;
  • Develop skills relevant to their future career;
  • Gain a greater insight into their chosen industry;
  • Receive personal coaching and mentoring from an established line manager.

We have a dedicated team to support learners with their placements, if you would like to know more about this please contact the College and ask for the Work Experience Team.

Get Involved

We provide many opportunities for our students to become involved in College life, enabling them to make a difference to their current cohort of students, both now and for many generations to come.

A massive part of College life is getting involved, joining in the fun and meeting new lifelong friends. We’ve made it easy for you to do this and many of the opportunities available will look great on your CV and will support your future career:

  • Join the Yeovil College Student Union
  • Get Involved with Fundraising
  • Become a Student Rep
  • Join our Student Voice
  • Become a Student Ambassador
  • Become a Student Governor
  • Social Action
  • Duke of Edinburgh

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Secure your dream career

Our aim at Yeovil College is to give you the skills, knowledge and work experience to be able to follow your passion into your chosen career.

Throughout your time with us, we will work with you so that you’re confident about your chosen career route and we’ll give you every opportunity to achieve your true potential.

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Student Services

We place huge importance on providing an outstanding service and learning experience to our students, and strive to outperform others across all student services.

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Parents' guide

At Yeovil College our vision is to maximise potential for all; no matter where our student has started on their journey – this is our promise to you. We will give your child the opportunity to learn the right skills, knowledge, experience and know-how to set them up for a successful future, whether the goal is an apprenticeship, a degree or a career.

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Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all Year 11 information. In this section you will find the latest issue of our monthly bulletin ‘Relay’, general advice and guidance and key contacts for you are a school leaver.

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Application process

At Yeovil College we pride ourselves on delivering a range of practical and academic qualifications in the heart of Yeovil to support you with the next steps of your career journey. See the application processes outlined.

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