Supporting Young People

At Yeovil College our vision is to maximise potential for all; no matter where a student has started on their journey – this is our promise to you. We will give your young person the opportunity to learn the right skills, knowledge, experience and know-how to set them up for a successful future, whether the goal is an apprenticeship, a degree or a career.

We have a variety of resources available to help parents, carers and guardians. These resources have been curated specifically to help you to support your young person.

The Parent Perspective

This is The Parent Perspective, a podcast created by Amazing Apprenticeships & Not Going To Uni, hosted by BBC presenter Rachel Burden, and designed to help parents and carers support their children in making more informed career decisions.


Supporting Young People

This is our Supporting Young People handbook, curated specifically for parents or guardians of young people.


South Somerset 14-19 Partnership – Information Guides

The South Somerset 14-19 Partnership has worked incredibly hard to produce a set of resources that support transitions into post-16 routes. We have displayed the Families’ Guide below.

We have displayed the Internships & Apprenticeships guide below, but you can also visit the Parternship’s website here for more helpful resources.


Young Carers

Support for those caring for family members.

Support is offered to young people aged 18 or under who have substantial caring duties at home.

This applies if you are providing substantial and regular care that persists over time and is important in maintaining the health, safety or day-to-day wellbeing of the person cared for and the wider family.

The types of regular tasks and care being carried out would usually be associated with an adult. The term does not apply for everyday and occasional help around the home that may often be expected of or given by children in families. This could be helping to care for a physically disabled parent or sibling, or a parent experiencing mental ill health, or suffering with alcohol or drug misuse. The caring role would usually be having a detrimental impact on the young person’s development, such as difficulties at school, emotional difficulties, or social isolation.

Support is available across the country, including Somerset and Dorset. The offer is slightly different depending on where you live, but the basic offer involves an initial assessment to establish eligibility and offer advice and information. Regular groups and opportunities to meet other young people who are carers are part of the support, with organised trips and activities, along with support in school and college.


Somerset Young Carers Support – Referrals are made through Somerset Council’s Customer Care team on 0300 123 2224.

Dorset Young Carers Support – Referrals are made through their website.


Yeovil College can offer support with making a referral. Please contact your tutor or speak to someone in Student Support if you want to be referred or just have more information.