Yeovil College Virtual Campus Tours

Yeovil College has invested a significant amount into its teaching and learning environments, spaces and workshops, which are unrivalled in our local area. We have:

  • Launched our West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT) and are the only centre in South Somerset.
  • Revolutionised our spaces and learning zones across all digital, health & social care, engineering, creative industries and computing curriculum.
  • Made a substantial investment in our T Levels provision for September 2021, which covers digital, engineering, education, science and childcare.
  • Building our ¬£2.4 million Health, Education and Science Centre.
  • Launched our plans for the next wave of T Levels which impact on Construction, Automotive Engineering (Motor Vehicle) and Sport.
  • Revealed the first stage of our master plan for a complete campus redesign.

Our campus is unrecognisable and we have achieved our first step into achieving a truly 21st century learning environment, and this is just the beginning. We are so keen to show you, we have produced a virtual campus tour which is constantly being updated, adapted and changed with all the new infrastructure being built at Yeovil College.

Remember, if you have any questions, we are here to help! Contact us on iZone@yeovil.ac.uk