Vision, mission & values


To maximise potential for all.


The College commits to working in line with the following values:

  • Creating a learner centred environment;
  • Having uncompromising ambition for our learner;
  • Valuing, respecting and providing opportunities for all;
  • Proactively and positively collaborating with our local community and employer;
  • Being flexible, innovative and forward thinking.

Strategic Aims

  1. To inspire, be ambitious, respect and support all our learners, through outstanding teaching, learning and assessment to maximise their potential;
  2. Provide a high quality, innovative, relevant and responsive curriculum to meet the needs of local, regional and national priorities;
  3. Maintain stable long term financial position and manage the college effectively, efficiently and innovatively in order to proactively invest and further improve facilities and learning experience for all;
  4. Work effectively and innovatively with our partners to maximise all opportunities in order to provide an outstanding experience for our learners, employers and the local community;
  5. Value, develop and recognise staff with highly effective performance management to provide the best quality experience for our learners and employers.