Vision, mission, values & history

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To maximise potential for all.


The College commits to working in line with the following values:

  • Creating a learner centred environment;
  • Having uncompromising ambition for our learner;
  • Valuing, respecting and providing opportunities for all;
  • Proactively and positively collaborating with our local community and employers;
  • Being flexible, innovative and forward thinking.

Strategic Aims

  1. To inspire, be ambitious, respect and support all our learners, through outstanding teaching, learning and assessment to maximise their potential;
  2. Provide a high quality, innovative, relevant and responsive curriculum to meet the needs of local, regional and national priorities;
  3. Maintain stable long term financial position and manage the college effectively, efficiently and innovatively in order to proactively invest and further improve facilities and learning experience for all;
  4. Work effectively and innovatively with our partners to maximise all opportunities in order to provide an outstanding experience for our learners, employers and the local community;
  5. Value, develop and recognise staff with highly effective performance management to provide the best quality experience for our learners and employers.



Yeovil College has been serving the communities in South Somerset for over 130 years.

Our mission is to ‘maximise potential for all’. This is our mantra.

Formed in 1887 when Somerset County Council began formally organising Science and Art classes in Yeovil. In 1947, the first Principal was appointed to lead Yeovil Technical College and when secondary education was reorganised in 1974, Yeovil College became one of the early tertiary colleges to be formed in England.

Today, Yeovil College remains passionate about its role as a key provider of education in the area, currently supporting around 5,000 students.