Careers Sectors

On this page you will find out about all the different careers sectors that you can get involved in, career pathways and progression routes available for you as well as a host of sector information.

Explore Labour Market Information to discover the future of your chosen career path or use Careers Roadmaps to plan your journey to success.

Careers & Progression Information

An important part of our careers team work is staying ontop of the current labour market information (LMI).

The Labour Market Information gives a fundamental understanding of how the labour market functions which is at the core of all careers practice. It gives our staff, students and community a sense of direction and indication of the current employment market. It is important to gain an understanding of ever shifting economic circumstances.

We use LMI to make informed decisions centre around careers advice and education around a ever-shifting labour market. It helps us make better decisions when promoting careers opportunities to our students and community.

Explore the route to your career in Engineering through our partner, the Institute of Technology’s roadmap to success. Find a Yeovil College full or part-time study programme to start you on the right path.

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