Workforce Development

Continuously developing the skills and knowledge of your workforce is essential to business success. We are perfectly positioned to train and educate employees of all skills and abilities, in line with a budget to suit your circumstances, ensuring you get the very best output from each and every staff member.

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We offer a huge range of options to suit you:

Industry standard short courses: As legislation changes, we have designed a range of qualifications to upskill and retrain current employees.

Degree & Professional qualifications: We offer many professional qualifications including ACCA, CMI and ILM.

Part-time higher education courses: Working in partnership with three institutions – Plymouth University, University of Gloucestershire and Pearson Education – the Yeovil College University Centre brings local access to a wide range of industry recognised qualifications.

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If you have any further queries, contact us on 01935 845392 or employerengagement@yeovil.ac.uk