The information that you give us

In order to manage the financial affairs of the College we collect and hold the following information about you: personal details including address/contact details extracted from the student records system, funding information and your bank details if these have been submitted to us by you via direct debit mandate forms, refund forms or apprenticeship sign up forms. 

The uses made of your personal information 

We will use your information to ensure your place is appropriately funded, to pay you or to receive payment from you in relation to fees, bursaries, course materials and trips or to refund appropriate fees if applicable. 

The legal basis on which we collect and use your personal information

Generally, the information is processed as part of our public interest task of providing education to you.

Where that information is special category personal information (e.g. medical information) we will process it because there is a substantial public interest for us to do so.

How long we keep your personal information. 

For information on how long we retain your records please access the data retention policy on the college website. 

How we share your personal information.

We may share the personal information that you give us with the following organisations (or types of organisation) for the following purposes: 

College Financial systems: the College financial system is developed by BluQube and receives students’ personal/contact details and fees received from students via the college student records system. BluQube may access students’ information to resolve system queries or to highlight potential bug fixes that may be required.
We may also share your personal information with third parties who provide services to the College: 

BottomLine: the College will supply BottomLine with students’ personal, contact and bank account details where learners have requested payment via a direct debit mandate. BottomLine will then set up the students’ direct debits with the appropriate banks.

Act Credit Management Limited (ACT): the College will supply ACT with students’ or customers’ personal, contact and enrolment information. The College will also submit any information regarding previous invoices, statements, reminders, letters that have been sent to the student to settle any outstanding debt. The College instigates the services of ACT to recover any outstanding fees from current or previous students or customers.

WisePay: The College will supply WisePay with students’ personal and contact details. WisePay is used as a payment platform for associated programme costs to be paid.

Paypal : The College will use students’ personal and contact details where enrolments have been made for night school courses.

We do not store or transfer your personal data outside Europe.