Yeovil College Develops Learning Companies to Developing employability skills for SEND Learners

Yeovil College has created a new ‘employment’ concept to support current SEND learners to develop a range of skills, confidence and independence to support their preparation for employment.

Through Yeovil College Learning Companies, learners experience real-world roles within business support teams at Yeovil College, preparing them for future employment, and ensuring that they acquire skills, behaviours and knowledge that are applicable and relevant within the workforce. They are socially integrated into a professional environment to help break down barriers and to create an atmosphere of acceptance and support among students with diverse abilities.

  • Skill Development: Focus on developing a range of skills, including academic, social, and life skills, which are essential for the holistic development of SEND learners.
  • Building Confidence and Independence: Through targeted support and accommodations, learners can develop a sense of autonomy, empowering them to navigate educational and social challenges more effectively.
  • Preparation for Employment: Real-world experiences, preparing SEND learners for future employment. This ensures that they acquire skills that are not only academically relevant but also applicable in the workforce.
  • Community Integration: Contribute to the integration of SEND learners into the broader College community and helps promote understanding.

Yeovil College has a number of Learning Companies in operation: Reception, Maintenance, Learning Resource Centre (including Reprographics and printing), Cafe, Administration and Hair & Beauty Assistant.

One internal manager stated: “Alex has impressed us this morning with his understanding and verbal description of copyright and the use of speech marks for quotations, a great start to the day.”

For a detailed discussion about how Yeovil College can support via a Learning Company, contact their Careers team or Foundation Learning Team, via iZone@yeovil.ac.uk or call 01935 423921.


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