Foundation Learning

Supported Internships (September 2024 Start)

Start Date: 05/09/2024
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 25/06/2025
End Time: 17:00
Day(s): Monday to Friday
Site: Yeovil District Hospital


Course Overview

This course is a one academic year specialised programme designed to provide individuals with an EHCP the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, develop employability skills, and transition into paid employment. It is a structured and personalised approach that aims to bridge the gap between further education and the world of work. The programme is run in collaboration with local employers and discovery disability support services.

Work Experience & Industry Placements

Work Placement: Interns undertake a substantial work placement with an employer. The placement is tailored to the individual's career interests, abilities, and aspirations. It provides hands-on experience in a real work environment, allowing interns to develop practical skills and learn about specific industries or job roles. Job Coaching and Support: Interns are assigned a job coach who provides personalised support throughout the programme. The job coach helps the intern understand workplace expectations, learn new tasks, and build necessary skills. They also liaise with the employer to ensure a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Qualification Gained

Students will be working towards an NOCN Employability qualification at the appropriate level plus any additional short qualifications required by the employer for example, Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Food Safety.

After The Course

After completing the course there are several options and pathways that individuals can pursue. Primarily secure employment in the business you have completed your internship or other related employment in your chosen industry or transition to an apprenticeship or traineeship.

What Will I Learn

Training and Skill Development: Interns receive targeted training to develop essential employability skills, such as communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving. This training may take place both in a classroom setting and on-the-job, providing a well-rounded learning experience. Individualised Learning Plan: Each intern has an individualised learning plan that outlines their goals, objectives, and the support required to achieve them. The plan considers the intern's strengths, needs, and aspirations, ensuring a tailored approach to their development.

English And Maths

You will continue to work on your English & Maths skills at the relevant level and need.

Our Lecturers

The course is taught by well qualified and experienced lectures who are dedicated to ensuring student success through effective curriculum delivery and high-quality pastoral support.


This is your time and opportunity to review progress. We will provide appropriate support, set your targets, keep you on track and ensure you achieve the very best outcome for yourself.

Course Expenses

You will be expected to wear suitable clothing for the work environment you are in.

How Will I Be Assessed

Supported interns are assessed through a combination of formal evaluations, ongoing monitoring, and feedback from work supervisors, job coaches, and college staff.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements however you will be expected to be road safe, be an independent traveller and be able to act in a mature way at work. Although you will be supported in the workplace, you will not have 1:1 support, so the ability to work for periods of time independently is vital.

Required Experience

No previous experience required but you will be required to attend a recruitment and selection day at the employer’s premises which will include an interview and work related activities set by the employer to ensure this course is right for both parties.

How To Apply

You can apply online, or for further information call 01935 423921 or e-mail info@yeovil.ac.uk