Health, Social Care & Early Years

Technical Certificate in Working with Children in Early Years and Primary Settings (0-11 years) - Level 2

Start Date: 07/09/2020
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 23/06/2021
End Time: 17:00
Day(s): Monday to Friday
Site: College Main Site


Course Overview

Do you aspire to work with children within an Early years or Primary settings? This course offers you a solid foundation to working with children from age 0-11 years. Not only do you get to enrich your knowledge through essential work experience placements within both early years and primary settings, but also through interactive and stimulating lessons that link early years theory and practice.

Work Experience & Industry Placements

During the course you will attend a minimum of 120 hours within a Primary setting and a minimum of 120 hours in an Early Years setting, in which you will build a work placement portfolio. All placement for this course is mandatory.

Qualification Gained

On successful completion of your course and work placement you will gain a Level 2 technical qualification in working with children. You will be able to work in a nursery or primary schools as an assistant.

After The Course

Once you have completed your course you can apply to continue your learning on the Level 3 Early Years Educator or the Level 3 Supporting Teaching Assistant qualifications. There are also many opportunities to undertake an apprenticship or join the workforce.

What Will I Learn

During your course you will learn about the holistic development of babies, toddlers and children up to the age of 11 years old. You will develop your own skills and knowledge about keeping children safe, providing nutritional meals, supporting other practitioners within planning and preparations for the children in your care, as well as the role of the practitioner. You will begin to develop your understanding of theories in relation to play and develop your understanding of the curriculums in both Early Years and Primary settings.

English And Maths

You will be required to resit English and Maths until you gain a 4 or above in both. Throughout the course English and Math's will be embedded to show you how this is used in practice, for example; ratio's for children to adults, how to write a letter to a parent or professional.

Our Lecturers

Our current lecturers are experts withn the field of early years holding degree's in Early Years, Early Years Teacher status, over 15 years of experience within the nursery and Primary setting as well as managing settings, working with Ofsted and managing children's homes.

Teaching Learning and Assessment

As this is a vocational subject, our teaching and learning methods are focused around the learner. You are taught in groups with a variety of different activities, research scenarios, role play and workshop style sessions. This is to enable good interaction and understanding of the subject. Throughout this course you will be assessed via a variety of different assignments based on the units you have been taught. Within this course there is a scenario based exam at the end of the year based on all the units you have completed.


Once a week you will have a tutorial session with your tutor in which you have time to review your work placements, focus on the wider world and gain an understanding of your own needs in relation to your own development. These sessions are also linked to social action.

Course Expenses

Resource fee- use of the SPOT/ Learner support and printing credits. Polo shirt and Hoodie which is part of your uniform if going on to a work experience. DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) if going on to a work experience. You will also need to provide your own resources for teaching sessions.

How Will I Be Assessed

You will be assesed through six different assignments, a professional skills record of your time in placements and a scenrio based exam at the end of the year which is approxaly 1 hour 30 minutes. These assignments can be handbooks, reports, research and creation of your own National Initiative and displays.

Entry Requirements

In order to gain entry to the level 2 you will require 4 GCSE's 9-3, this must include, English or Maths, or Functional Skills L2 English or Maths.

Required Experience

Prior work experience in a Nursery/Primary setting with some feedback or reference from them. Volunteering within a mother and baby group, cubs, scouts, rainbows or babysitting is also an advantage.

How To Apply

Apply by completing an online or by popping into college and completing a paper based application form.