Fundamental British Values and Welfare

Your welfare is extremely important to us. We will support you with both personal and course related worries that might have a negative impact upon your study programme or your experience at Yeovil College.

Our support is confidential depending on the issues raised. In some cases we are governed by legislation to report evidence, but we will not judge you. We will listen to you in a supportive and accepting way, making external referrals to professional agencies as appropriate to your needs.

We can support you with lots of issues:

  • Emotional support;
  • Bullying;
  • Anger management;
  • Coping strategies;
  • Time management;
  • Relationship issues;
  • Referral to other services e.g. counselling services.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 01935 423921.


Talk Campus:

We have launched a new mental health service called TalkCampus. It’s a free to download app where you can talk with other students from around the world if you’re struggling and worried about your mental health. Your student email address will give you free access, just download TalkCampus from the app stores. TalkCampus is anonymous, it isn’t run by us and we won’t be able to see if you are using it, you also won’t be able to see where other students are from. TalkCampus is based around peer support; you can use it if you need some help yourself or you can go on there and listen and support others.

The platform is safe and moderated and is designed as a place where you can just be yourself and talk about how you’re really feeling. Student life can be tough and we know sometimes you might not want to talk to us about how you’re feeling. TalkCampus isn’t a replacement for counselling or professional support however it is a great place to start talking and to make sure that however you’re feeling right now you’re not alone.

High Expectations

Here at Yeovil College we are passionate about supporting our learners to be well-rounded individuals that care for their family, peers, environment and the community around them. To achieve this, we set out a clear standard set of standards that every learner commits to.

Yeovil College Code of Conduct

    • Use college facilities and behave in a way which respects the needs and aspirations of others.
    • Respect other learners, staff and visitors.
    • Follow and comply with the Yeovil College policies and procedures.
    • Respect the property of the college, and of its staff, other learners and visitors.
    • Support staff and other learners in the maintenance of a clean and tidy college.
    • Take an active role in your learning and progression.
    • Display your student ID badge and lanyard at all times.


Fundamental British Values

The government set out their definition of British Values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy. In 2014, the Department of Education published guidance on promoting British Values in schools to ensure young people leave school and college prepared for life in Modern Britain.
Our integration of the Fundamental British Values are:

DRRIFT - Fundamental British Values

At Yeovil College, we are dedicated to promoting values which ensure that our learners develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. We prepare our learners for life in Modern Britain by developing an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

It is our aim that all our learners are able to contribute effectively to the wider community, using the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their time at Yeovil College. As well as being fully engaged in their learning experience, we want them to become responsible individuals who are able to think critically and question appropriately.

Within their study programmes, and as part of their value-added curriculum, learners will have tutorial sessions to ensure that they are given the opportunity to develop the skills and understanding needed to succeed in the wider community.

At Yeovil College, we promote Fundamental British Values in several ways:
Democracy: Learners develop an understanding of the importance of democracy as a tool for change: class representatives, student governors, student voice, focus groups, MP visits, voter registration days.

Rule of Law: All staff and students are treated fairly. We operate under fair policies and procedures: student code of conduct, disciplinary procedure, appeals process, safeguarding, rules on behavior, expectations and lanyards, Student Handbook.

Individual Liberty: Our community is free to express themselves. We encourage the values of Freedom of Speech without causing offence or distress to others: LGBTQIA+ society, disciplinary policy, bullying policy, PREVENT, Debating Society.

Mutual Respect, Fairness, Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs: We value and encourage diversity and we respect one another. We will not tolerate prejudice, discrimination or harassment: Multi-faith prayer room, LGBTQIA+ society, disciplinary policy, bullying policy, PREVENT, student code of conduct.

Equality and Diversity

Yeovil College is committed to actively recognising and promoting equality and diversity in our college community. We take our responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all our learners very seriously through the management of appropriate policies, procedures and practices.

We wish to provide a working and learning environment that acknowledges the richness of diversity, as well as valuing and managing each individual’s equality of opportunity within the College. We oppose all forms of discrimination or victimisation on any grounds such as age, race, disability, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment or marital status.