Study Options

How you prefer to learn and what you want to do beyond Yeovil College should inform what you choose next, whether that’s A Levels, T Levels, an Apprenticeship or a Vocational qualification. One is not better than the other, however one will suit you more than another.

At Yeovil College, we plan everyone’s education and learning around ‘study programmes’, which is a package of education suited to your career pathway. Your programme will include all education, enrichment and additional activities, which will ultimately provide you with your ‘Yeovil Edge.’ Your post-16 options are vast. How you prefer to learn and what you want to do beyond Yeovil College should inform what you choose next, whether that’s A Levels, T Levels, an Apprenticeship or a Vocational qualification. One is not better than the other, however one will suit you more than another. How you prefer to learn, how you perform at assessment and your post-18 career intentions are the most important considerations when making your decision about the types of qualification or study programme, for your next steps; and remember the options available to you at Yeovil College are vast.


  • Level 3 qualifications are valuable and recognised qualifications, equivalent to three A Levels. They are taught over a two year period at Yeovil College.
  • Level 2 qualifications are one year programmes, designed to give students additional time to achieve their GCSE English and/or Maths. Students will naturally progress to a Level 3 qualification, into employment or onto a Apprenticeship.
  • Level 1/Year 1 qualifications are designed to provide core skills which enable students to progress to the next, often more technical stage, in trades such as Construction and Engineering where high levels of work experience and practical exposure feature within the qualification. Students will use Level 1 qualifications as a basis for progression through the levels to achieve technical competency, or to an apprenticeship.



A Levels:

Our A Level results are amazing and are consistently rising, with 84% of students achieving results at grades A* to C, most recently. This is testament to the hard work, commitment and determination of our students and the teaching staff. Yeovil College is one of the highest performing colleges within our region, with some of the highest performing A Level students. The range of subjects underpin our student’s ability to take their next steps, with many students securing excellent progression and next steps to universities, including Russell Group and Oxbridge universities. Our lecturers have also enjoyed incredibly successful careers in the industries they are preparing you for. Experts in their fields with incredible experiences and fantastic relationships with our business community, mean that they truly will accelerate careers and bring your experience to life.

Learn more about A Levels here, or take a look at our A Level offer here – A Levels at Yeovil College



Our huge range of vocational programmes, developed with the support of our business community, provide a clear line of sight to the most important roles within our local economy, opening doors to life changing opportunities for our students. We are clear in our purpose, our programmes take our students straight to the prestigious universities, employment and apprenticeships, which accelerate careers and change lives. Our amazing work experience and industry placements provide our students with real life opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge that they learn during their study programmes, and are a unique part of the Yeovil College experience.

Learn more about vocational programmes here, or take a look at our vocational courses on offer here – Vocational Courses at Yeovil College



We have great relationships with our business community who support our young people to take their most important steps on the career ladder. With more than 1,000 apprentices, employed by over 400 local and regional employers, and a dedicated team of Apprenticeship experts, they can support you to secure your dream job. We have vacancies across the South West with prestigious employers, covering every sector – a world of possibilities awaits you.

Learn more about Apprenticeships here, or take a look at our full Apprenticeship offer here – Apprenticeships at Yeovil College


T Levels:

T Levels will be delivered from state-of-the-art facilities, which are a culmination of £4.5 million worth of investment. This is a significant amount of campus investment and will change the lives and learning experience for our students. Our new Health, Education and Science Centre will complement our new Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace labs. Creative and Fabrication Labs, Digital, Software and Cyber and Engineering facilities will also provide T Level students with incredible learning environments. Our campus investment plan totals more than £30 million and will be complete by 2024.

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Foundation Learning:

Our Foundation Learning programmes are suited to those students who need additional support and time to help them progress to a full study programme, live independently or move into paid employment. Students will work towards the achievement of an externally accredited qualification, with many students progressing internally, onto a Level 1 Yeovil College qualification or onto our Supported Internship programme at Yeovil College.

Learn more about our additional learning and SEND support here, or take a look at our Foundation Learning offer here – Foundation Learning at Yeovil College