Yeovil College have announced positive GCSE results following their commitment to deliver GCSE teaching and learning onlineincluding a pass rate of 95.7% for all adults in GCSE English. The deliberate move to deliver online learning in both English and Maths eliminated 100% of the potential disruption caused by the pandemicenabled students and teachers to fully focus upon their teaching and learning and allowed continuity of leaning for studentsThe results demonstrate that the transition to online teaching and learning has delivered the desired outcome for Yeovil College students. 

Yeovil College are proud to report the following summary: 

  • Overall, GCSE English results are extremely positive with a pass rate of 95.7% within our adult cohort and 84.6% in our 16-18 cohort. 
  • Overall, GCSE Maths results remain high with a pass rate of 80.6% within our adult cohort rising to 87.4% in our 16-18 cohort. 
  • High grades (9-4) in GCSE Maths have increased by 4.5% within our adult cohort (achievement rate). 
  • High grades (9-4) in GCSE English have increased by 3.5% within our adult cohort and by 2.7% within our 16-18 cohort (pass rate). 
  • High grades (9-4) in both GCSE English and GCSE Maths remain well above the national average for 16-18 year olds (NARTS 2020). 
  • Several students have been awarded grade 8 or above.  

The strong trend in recent years of Yeovil College outperforming the vast majority of other institutions continues. Yeovil College has exceeded the national benchmark for GCSE English and Maths, which was revealed by the Government’s National Achievement Rates tables in March 2020 (NARTS), achieving high grades (4-9) in GCSE English (16-18) of 34.6% against a national average of 22.7%, which is also a 2.7% increase on last year, and by 30.5% in GCSE Maths against a national average of 15.3%. 

Matthew Wilkinson, a member of the English and Maths management team, said: “We are delighted that learners have done so well and got the grades they deserve, and we are equally pleased that our cautious approach to teaching and learning has more than paid off. The English and Maths team and the broader Yeovil College family have worked tirelessly to support learners through difficult times and these results are a testament to their hard work and the resilience of learners who have demonstrated a high level of dedication and perseverance to achieve the grades they knew they were capable of achieving.” 


For more information, contact Yeovil College at enrol@yeovil.ac.uk or visit www.yeovil.ac.uk. 

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