Certificate of Future Technologies is launched at Yeovil College

Responding to the requests from local businesses for smaller bite sized learning that can be used to upskill and reskill staff, the West of England Institute of Technology has developed the Certificate of Future Technologies. Yeovil College is proud to be part of the programme. 

Through Yeovil College, the ‘Effective use of Kaizen resources’ can be studied via 35 hours of blended training. The programme, which is the equivalent of £1,500 – £2,100 worth of CPD, is fully funded and therefore free to both businesses and individuals. 

Through our partners, a further 17 modules are available for CPD completion by 31 March 2022, to address their upskilling and reskilling needs and those of their businesses. These flexible, short, focused modules of learning have been identified by our partners as key topics that SMEs and other employers have identified as key skills needs in their businesses. 

The Certificate in Future Technologies has been backed by business, which includes Leonardo, Airbus, GE Aviation, JISC, Bamboo and National Composites Centre. 

Certificate in Future Technologies: Effective use of Kaizen resources can be applied to all business. Kaizen is more of a philosophy than a specific tool, and because of this, its approach is found in many different process improvement methods ranging from Total Quality Management (TQM) to the use of employee suggestion boxes. Under Kaizen, all employees are responsible for identifying the gaps and inefficiencies and everyone, at every level in the organisation, suggests where improvement can take place. 

Kaizen aims for improvements in productivity, effectiveness, safety, and waste reduction, and those who follow the approach often find a whole lot more in return. 

Yeovil College is offering a module spread over 35 hours of blended learning, looking into Lean principles and practices to support the improvement of working practices, procedures to improve and streamline production and provide smarter and practical working spaces within the company you work. 

The programme will include many recognised and highly productive problem-solving solutions, including team working and Lean methods with a toolbox approach – providing vital knowledge to enable learners to select the appropriate method to themselves and their employer, providing flexibility and adaptability across the various tasks you undertake throughout your working day.

The programme also covers, Route Cause Analysis and Continuous Improvements Methods. We will set projects to benefit you and your company over the programme and bring forth ideas which will benefit all. The programme will also provide you with the skills of reporting and methods of how to clearly explain the process and practices required to fulfil the required goal(s) with clarity and focus. 

Programmes can be booked via www.weiot.ac.uk/course-bookings 


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