Year 10 Experience Day – 1 July

Wednesday 1 July 2020

For one day only, you will have an all-inclusive, backstage pass to see just what College life is like here at Yeovil College!


You will get the opportunity to have a go at two of your favourite sessions from the line up below, but it could be a popular session so pick a third as well.

Master Class / A-Level

Art & Design
A fun, practical session creating drawings and mixed media imagery for a set theme in the 3D Art Studio.

An interactive masterclass in the world of business.

Understand the underlying principles of modern computer systems and software development using a range of programming language and software packages.


This session will give you the opportunity to gain an insight into Criminology with the chance to investigate a crime scene and analyse criminal behaviour.

Want to advise the government departments, businesses, banks and other organisations about the economy and what people need/want? Come and learn about Micro and Macro-economics.

English Language
How does your language reflect who you are? We will be looking at how the way you speak can reveal key aspects of your identity including gender, age and interests.

English Literature
Have you got a way with words? We will introduce you to how we analyse the ways language is used in poetry, prose and drama texts.

Environmental Science
Are you interested in how science can be used to analyse our environment? This session will give you an insight into the environment and the scientific process that control and affect it.

Further Maths
If you are a strong mathematician and want to study a maths-related subject at university then this is for you! You will find out about complex numbers and how to prove that the square root of 2 is irrational.

Understand the complex, dynamic and changing world and how it combines with the economy, society and environment.


An exciting and informative session which allows students to investigate a key moment in American history.

Come and learn how laws are made, developed and changed over time. Identify the roles of legal personnel and the civil and criminal courts.

If you love Maths and want to take it further then try solving some typical A Level problems in pure maths statistics and mechanics.

A fun, practical session developing photographic imagery in the Photography Studio & Darkroom.

Get an introduction to areas of Psychology such as criminal stress, mindfulness and memory testing.

Science (Double Session)
Do you enjoy Science lessons? Are you aspiring to be a brain surgeon, an astronaut or discoverer of a new cure for cancer? Come along and find out what it takes to study Chemistry, Physics and Biology post-16 and beyond and take part in hands-on lab sessions in our open-plan laboratory.

An introduction to some of the topics considered at A level with a student-centred activity focussing on the issues faced by society.


Professional & Technical / Vocational

Art & Design
A fun, practical session creating drawings and mixed media imagery for a set theme in the 3D Art Studio.

Beauty Therapy
This workshop gives you an insight into working creatively as a therapist. You will have the opportunity to artistically create nail art and makeup looks.

Explore new skills in how to be a Bricklayer in small groups and develop hand skills.

We’ll allow you to develop a marketing campaign, understand business finance and how to manage an event.

Carpentry & Joinery
Get involved in a fun and practical session using hand tools.

Understand how to keep children entertained through different models of play.

Electrical Installation
A Practical and challenging session on one-way lighting circuits.

Get involved in a fun and practical session where you will be involved in constructing catapults and learning how this is connected to the world of Engineering.

Games Development
Learn about the gaming industry and work as a games developer.

Graphic Design
A fun, practical session using Adobe Photoshop software to create designs for a set brief in the Graphic Design Studio.

Find out what it’s really like to work in the hair industry. As a session stylist, you will be creating a catwalk image that will be photographed and sent to you.

Health & Social Care
Are you a caring person who always thinks of others? Find out how to care for others through activities including theory and practice.

Hospitality & Professional Cookery
Find out what it’s really like to work in the hospitality industry, You will get to work as a real chef and produce mouth-watering food.

A fun, practical session using filmmaking resources to explore video techniques used in the world fo Media in our TV and Sound Studio.

Media Hair and Makeup
Want to become a makeup artist? Work in TV, film or theatre? During this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to create different makeup looks and theatrical special effect looks.

Motor Vehicle
Experience what it would be like to work in a modern automotive repair workshop. This hands-on practical session will help you understand the skills you need to start your career in the automotive repair industry.

Performing Arts (inc Dance)
Want to become a successful professional within Performing Arts? Through a combination of dance and drama activities, you will explore the skills required to get to the top of this field with an industry expert.

Explore opportunities in fixing and bending pipework to develop and learn new hand skills.

Prep for Life & Work
Aimed at developing your skills for independent living.
(Please check with your tutor before selecting this session).

Sport, Coaching & Fitness
Want to be a PE/Sports Teacher, Personal Trainer or Sports Coach? Through an interactive and fun multi-sports event, you take part in a sport practical with a build-up to a final competition whilst exploring the skills required to be successful within the sports sector.

Travel & Tourism
Want to work within Air Cabin Crew, as a Holiday Rep, or as a Tour Guide? Through a fun task, you will be exploring worldwide destinations that you could one day be working in.

Uniformed Public / Protective Services
Want to join the military or emergency services? Through a fun and exciting assault course and command-task, you will explore the skills within the military or emergency services with industry experts.