New Students’ Day

Thursday 27th June

If you are a student that has applied to join Yeovil College in September 2024, then save the date as this is your New Students’ Day.


During this day, you will be taken around the campus to help familiarise yourself with your inspirational learning environments and workspaces. You will also visit key areas of the college, including study areas, social spaces, and food outlets. You will be introduced to your Study Programme Manager and will start some work linked to your course, which will give you a flavour of what to expect from September.

You will see first-hand all the fantastic and career-changing developments happening on campus; Yeovil College is an exciting place to be.

During your New Students’ Day, you will also be officially enrolled onto your study programme, which means you can now call yourself a Yeovil College student, and all that it entails.

After this day you can officially call yourself a Yeovil College Student!

Information on this event will be emailed to you from our iZone team (iZone@yeovil.ac.uk) so please keep an eye on your inbox. This will happen around Easter time.

This event is not to be missed for all future Yeovil College students.