High Needs & SEN Open Event

Monday 4 December 2023

This event is in place to support learners with high needs, and their families, to showcase what is on offer at Yeovil College.


You will meet with our Foundation Learning team, as well as our SENCo and SEN team, to discuss how we can work together to create a bespoke programme that supports the learner and their dreams for the future, no matter how bespoke or personal their goals are. We will showcase our excellent facilities and learning spaces including: a working kitchen, an apartment area, a sensory space and more flexible spaces that allow for relaxation, practical teaching and structured group work. You will also be invited to see the wider learning resources and college social and study spaces.

If you are a learner, or the family of a learner, who is considering one of our Foundation Learning programmes, for example Preparation for Adulthood, Preparation for Life and Living, Progression Pathways or a Supported Internship, come and join us for a conversation about how Yeovil College can support you.

At your own pace, and supported by our expert Foundation Learning and SEN teams, you will be able to:

  • Tour the facilities.
  • Hear from our Curriculum Area Manager and Assistant Principal.
  • Meet our CEO & Principal.
  • Speak with the SEN team.
  • Hear from current and former students.
  • Get to know our Careers team.
  • Understand the support available to all families.
  • Apply with our iZone team.