Experience Month

The Yeovil College Experience Month is a virtual event designed specifically to support students think about their entire career journey, beyond both school and college. This event will take you on a planned journey, showing you a world of possibilities and endless opportunities, providing clear roadmaps on how to maximise your potential, no matter where your starting position.

Register using the ‘Register’ button below, or click here – Virtual Education Fair (vfairs.com)



The idea behind Experience Month is to offer our future students and their parents or guardians an insight into their post-16 options, with Yeovil College being an unrivalled option in terms of its first-class and state-of-the-art facilities, achievement rates, relentless ambition and progression opportunities. This event has been designed to introduce post-16 transition, whilst sharing the multitude of options available beyond school, the strengths and benefits of such choices, career possibilities and how to secure the best routes. We will start to introduce all aspects of life at college including study routes, Yeovil Edge and enrichment, our academic success, resources and the high expectations created at Yeovil College.


Exhibition hall 1:  Year 10 Experience Exhibition Space

This is your main Experience Month space, containing the majority of what you will need to support you to make positive career-based decisions, focusing specifically upon your college experience. We encourage you to take a journey around the virtual curriculum stands, engage in a taster session, view campus tours, visit the careers stand and understand the unrivalled ambition of Yeovil College and how this will advance you at our ‘campus development’ stand. Spending over £10 million, with more investment yet to be announced, on unrivalled facilities, equipment, workspaces, classrooms and technology, positions Yeovil College as leaders within our area and will significantly enhance your career ambition and employability.


Exhibition hall 2: University and Higher Experience Exhibition Space (presented in partnership with the Somerset 14-19 Partnership)

Together with the Somerset 14-19 Partnership, this area has been designed to raise the university aspiration of students within the whole of Somerset. Although university and post-18 options may appear some way off, options taken now, particularly around selecting specific subjects and pathways, can really influence career choices in the future. This exhibition hall is an opportunity to explore the different areas involved in university-level study whilst gaining an understanding of the benefits that higher-level study will bring and the opportunity to join in with some ‘stretch and challenge’ taster sessions.



Welcome to your Experience Month giveaway. All that effort deserves a reward, so we are inviting you to have a night in on us, and you have three chances to win:

◊ Complete one of the subject specific takeaway tasks and submit it to
◊ Get involved with our interactive scavenger hunt;
◊ Tag us in your Experience Month selfies with the #HardWorkWinsYC.

There are ten prizes to be won and qualifying, winning entries will be selected at random two weeks following the closure of our Experience Month platform (w/c 28 June 2021). Winners will be contacted by email or through Yeovil College Social Media. Find the full terms and conditions here.

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