Campus Tours

Over the past few years we have invested a significant amount of money into brand-new learning environments, flexible teaching spaces and inspirational workshops, which are unrivalled in our local area. This is our first step towards a truly 21st Century campus and now is your chance to see it through one of our personalised campus tours.


We are thrilled to welcome you to our campus to view our extraordinary facilities, in a personalised tour lead by our Marketing and university centre teams. We will take you on a guided tour of our campus, showcasing our social spaces, support areas, classrooms, workshops and also the area of interest that you register when booking your ticket. We are leading the way in a technological revolution within further and higher education, and we can’t wait to share this with you.

You can join us for a tour of either our Yeovil College curriculums, or our Yeovil College University Centre spaces, depending on your current level of study and interest. You will also get a chance to speak with a member of staff from the curriculum of your choosing and ask them directly any questions you may have.

We are excited to showcase our UK leading facilities, campus developments, innovative technology and exciting projects, particularly as we progress through our £50 million accommodation strategy. Over the past few years Yeovil College has invested a significant amount into its teaching and learning environments, social spaces and workshops, which are unrivalled in our local area. We believe that we will be one of the best colleges in the whole of the UK.