A Levels

A Level Maths (September 2024 Start)

Start Date: 04/09/2024
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 26/06/2026
End Time: 17:00
Day(s): Monday to Friday
Site: College Main Site


Course Overview

A Level Maths is a two-year course designed to deepen your understanding of a wide range of mathematical ideas and develop your ability to analyse and solve problems in a variety of applications. It covers pure maths (2/3), statistics (1/6) and mechanics (1/6). You will need a calculator capable of performing certain statistical functions (eg binomial probabilities) to study the course.

Qualification Gained

  • GCE A Level in Mathematics

After The Course

A Level Maths provides links with real-world applications and encourages the development of your employability skills such as clear communication, problem solving, critical and analytical skills, time management and working under pressure. The ability to think mathematically and to use mathematical problem solving skills is a great advantage in many university courses and careers. Mathematics at advanced level is highly regarded and provides you with a very transferable qualification for future study or employment.

What Will I Learn

The majority of the A Level Maths course is pure mathematics including: algebra, graphs, functions and transformations, binomial expansion, trigonometry, logs and exponentials, differentiation, integration, parametric equations, numerical methods and vectors. You will also study statistics including data gathering, analysis and presentation, probability, binomial and normal distributions, correlation, linear regression and hypothesis testing. The mechanics component of the course includes kinematics and constant acceleration (suvat equations), forces, Newton's laws, vectors, friction, moments, variable acceleration and projectiles.

Our Lecturers

The course is taught by well qualified and experienced lectures who are dedicated to ensuring student success through effective curriculum delivery and high-quality pastoral support. The team includes staff with relevant sector expertise.

Teaching Learning and Assessment

Variety of delivery methods including classroom activities, professional discussions, digitally-enabled activity, presentations and directed study.


As a student, you will have weekly tutorials that are used for one to one support, progress updates, employability skills and preparation for University.

How Will I Be Assessed

You will be assessed via homeworks and tests throughout the course and you will take a mock exam at the end of the first year. The A Level Maths exams (three two-hour papers) will be sat at the end of the second year and these will determine your grade.

Entry Requirements

  • You need five GCSEs at grade 9 - 4
  • Including grade 9 - 6 in Maths.

Required Experience

No specific experience is required for this course but a keen interest in Maths is essential.

How To Apply

Clicking "Apply" will add the A Level programme to your list of interested courses. During the checkout process you will be able to select the A Level subjects you would like to study.