A Levels

A Level Chemistry (September 2024 Start)

Start Date: 05/09/2024
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 26/06/2026
End Time: 17:00
Day(s): Monday to Friday
Site: College Main Site


Course Overview

A Level Chemistry will give you an exciting insight into the contemporary world of chemistry. It covers the key concepts of chemistry and practical skills are integrated throughout the course. This combination of academic challenge and practical focus makes the prospect of studying A Level Chemistry highly appealing. You will learn about chemistry in a range of different contexts and the impact it has on industry and many aspects of everyday life. You will learn to investigate and solve problems in a range of contexts.

Qualification Gained

  • GCE A Level in Chemistry A

After The Course

A Level Chemistry is an excellent base for a university degree in healthcare such as medicine, pharmacy and dentistry as well as the biological sciences, physics, mathematics, pharmacology and analytical chemistry. Chemistry is also taken by many law applicants as it shows you can cope with difficult concepts. A range of career opportunities including chemical, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries are options as well as forensics, environmental protection and healthcare. The problem solving skills are useful for many other areas including law and finance.

What Will I Learn

Atoms, compounds, molecules and equations, amount of substance;
Acid–base and redox reactions;
 Electrons, bonding and structure;
The periodic table and periodicity Group 2 and the halogens Reaction rates and equilibrium pH and buffers;
Enthalpy, entropy and free energy Redox and electrode potentials Transition elements;
Organic chemistry;
Organic synthesis;
Analytical techniques (IR and MS) Chromatography and spectroscopy (NMR).

English And Maths

Application and use of technical scientific language in content with extended response questions that challenge analytical skills. The A Level will involve 20% maths assessment. E.g. functions of log, ln, formulae application, units, graphical interpretation.

Our Lecturers

The course is taught by well qualified and experienced lectures who are dedicated to ensuring student success through effective curriculum delivery and high-quality pastoral support. The team includes staff with relevant sector expertise.

Teaching Learning and Assessment

Variety of delivery methods including classroom activities, professional discussions, digitally-enabled activity, presentations and directed study.


As a student, you will have weekly tutorials that are used for one to one support, progress updates, employability skills and preparation for University.

How Will I Be Assessed

Total of 6 hours of examinations (2 x 2 hours 15 minutes and 1 x 1 hour 30 minutes) taken at the end of the course. A wide range of question types including multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions. In addition to an independent Practical Endorsement (PAG) qualification.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 GCSE's at Grade 4 or above.
  • This Includes Maths and Science at Grade 6 or above.

Required Experience

No specific experience is required for this course but a keen interest in Science is essential.

How To Apply

Clicking "Apply" will add the A Level programme to your list of interested courses. During the checkout process you will be able to select the A Level subjects you would like to study.