Industrial Awareness

EAL Level 2 Award in Industrial Environmental Awareness & C&G Performance Manufacturing Operations

Start Date: 09/03/2023
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 25/05/2023
End Time: 16:00
Day(s): Friday
Site: Offsite Centres

Course Overview

This course is designed to give the learner the opportunity to complete two qualifications within the 10 weeks, which are both set at level 2 and cover a broad range of methods used in industry. You will be collecting evidence for each of the units for Industrial Environmental Awareness and Performing manufacturing operations, to show the stages in your daily production in workplace. This evidence can be in any format such as, paperwork, pictures, blogs, video (set up with QCR code or links) and assignments. The EAL Level 2 Award in Industrial Environment Awareness is designed to meet the needs of learners and employers across the manufacturing industry. Learners for this Award can be occupied in a wide range of semi-skilled roles including process worker, wood machinist, boiler operator, metal polisher, forge hand, tyre maker, foundry worker, packing machine operator, marine composite worker, laser operator, welder/fabricator, rolling machine operator, warehouse operative, wire maker, and quality inspector. Level 2 PMO will suit you if you are employed in the manufacturing industry and want to improve your existing skills and broaden your understanding. The Manufacturing course from City & Guilds is well established and covers the vast roles and processes that need to be understood by employees in order to be perform both effectively and safely. It is suitable for learners within a range of manufacturing industries, who work with manufacturing industries already and provides recognition of their skills as well as development. The course is designed to demonstrate competence in their job roles and to develop the essential work-based skills required in the manufacturing industry.

Qualification Gained

EAL Level 2 Award in Industrial Environmental Awareness. Citty & Guilds Performance & Manufacturing Operations (PMO)

After The Course

After you have successfully completed this short course you may wish to develop your skills and knowledge further on a Level 2 or 3 Apprenticeship, such as our Lean Manufacturing or Supply Chain Apprenticeship Standard.

What Will I Learn

You will learn a variety of skills and knowledge related to Lean Manufacturing Processes and Industrial Environmental Awareness in the workplace. This can be relevant to your specific employer and workplace or through a project. You will learn the following skills and knowledge. The basics of Lean Processes such as Kaizen and SMART. Health and Safety and communication in an industrial environment. Techniques such as Route Cause Analysis and the 7 Wastes. For the Level 2 Industrial Environmental Awareness qualification, there are five mandatory units. These include: Unit 1 Understanding health and safety in an industrial environment Unit 2 Understanding how to communicate in an industrial environment Unit 3 Understanding working effectively in an industrial environment Unit 4 Understanding working relationships in an industrial environment Unit 5 Understanding rights and responsibilities in an industrial environment There will be a computer based mock exam and one computer based main exam towards the end of the programme based on the knowledge and understanding. For PMO - You will complete a combination of supporting operations and job-specific units. Units include: • Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements (mandatory) • Receiving and checking incoming materials (supporting operations) • Making products using computer-controlled equipment (job-specific) • Carrying out inspection and testing activities (job-specific)

Teaching Learning and Assessment

Teaching and Learning is through a series of set projects each week related to the various Lean processes and techniques. You will complete a workbook for each set project. You will take a final test to assess your knowledge in Industrial Environmental Awareness. For Performance Manufacturing Operations it is also a workbook that consists of knowledge statements.

Course Expenses

Duration: This is a 10 week course, one day a week - day release
Funding: This course is funded therefore free to employers and employees and learners.

Required Experience

No previous experience is needed.

How To Apply

Please contact us or click the apply button.