Coronavirus – Information for School Leavers

On this page you will find regular updates, newsletters and useful resources to best guide your journey to Yeovil College. On this page you will find up-to-date information regarding exam grading and how we as a college prepare to welcome you despite these unprecedented times. 

We understand that this must be a really confusing and difficult time for all Year 11 students, with constant changing information and uncertainty on how the next few months will play out. We wanted to create a section on our website dedicated to you and any questions you may have. On this page we will have information on how to apply, a newsletter dedicated solely to Year 11 students, information on accessing preparation work and resources on how you can keep yourself busy. In our Coronavirus hub you can also access our FAQ’s and the health and wellbeing toolkit we have created for our own students.


Unlike others, we are using this time period to help our incoming year 11s to get ahead with their college studies, so that when they reach us they will be off to a flying start. We have taken a significant amount of time over this because we do not want to simply share government, and other, generic resources. Each of our workbooks and work plans are bespoke and written uniquely for each year 11 curriculum area. Taking the time to complete such task will give our incoming students the Yeovil Edge!



Once you have received your offer from us to start in September 2020, you will be emailed your bespoke access link to ‘YC Edge, Get Ahead.’ This is your preparation work set by the incredible team of lecturers who will be teaching you very soon! They have created some fantastic resources, specific to the course you will be studying at Yeovil College. These resources are unique to Yeovil College and have been written with year 11s in mind. They will help get you ahead, integrate with the college community and help keep you motivated ready to begin in September. We hope you find them useful – all feedback is welcome.

We encourage you to work through the work with pace and energy as they have been designed to give you a solid grounding and introduction into your year(s) ahead at college. Maintaining a learning routine is essential to help you hit the ground running in September; make the most of this chance to get ahead.


Instructions for accessing your work

To access your work, you will first need to sign up to Yeovil College’s virtual learning environment (VLE).

To create an account:

  1. Visit moodle.yeovil.ac.uk and click the login button in the top right corner.
  2. Scroll down the login page and select Create new account.
  3. Input your details:
    1. Your username should be first name followed by surname (all lower case, no spaces) e.g. joebloggs/annesmith.
    2. Create a password following the guidance on the screen.
    3. Input your personal email address in the two fields provided.
    4. Complete first name and surname fields accurately.
    5. Click the tick box beside the security question.
    6. Click Create my new account

You will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm your new Moodle account. Check your email (and spam folder) and follow the guidance provided.


How to access your work:

Once you have applied and accepted your place at Yeovil College, we will send you a personalised link to your subject area’s work and another password to access it.

Don’t forget to accept your place at Yeovil College to grant you access to all this fantastic preparation work. If you haven’t received an offer email, or should you have any technical issues related to the work content, please contact us at enrol@yeovil.ac.uk so we can direct your query to the correct department.

We will continue to update our social media platforms and website with the most up-to-date information we have and will communicate directly with you once the government has released information on the ‘returning to schools and colleges’ strategy. Please remain in regular contact with us through our digital platforms.



In this section you will find the latest issue of our year 11 newsletter for students and parents. During these uncertain times its important that you stay up-to-date with the relivent information and this is the best place to get it!

Yeovil College Year 11 Newsletter Issue 1

Yeovil College Year 11 Newsletter Issue 2


In this section we have complied resources for you to use at home during this time of uncertainty.

Yeovil College Resource Pack 1



The government have launched ‘The Skills Toolkit’. A resource full of free digital and numeracy courses created to enhance your skills. We are all using our digital skills now more than ever, and many employers will look at digital competency when hiring. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn a new skill or brush up on the skills you haven’t had to use for a long time! Take a look here.



In the current situation the best way to apply for any of our courses, is through our online application form. Follow this step by step guide:

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button in the top right corner of our website.

Search for the course you would like to apply for.

Select the course and level you would like to apply for.

Add to basket.

Input your details.


You will then be invited to a Twilight Interview, which are currently taking place via telephone.

Once you have had your interview you will receive your offer to start in September 2020. This will guarantee your place at Yeovil College.

You will then be sent the link to our ‘YC Edge, Get Ahead’ bespoke resources. Curriculum specific workbooks have been developed to help bridge the gap for all year 11s at this point in time.  This quality preparation work will help you get ahead of the game and give you the edge when you begin in September 2020 – we can’t wait to welcome you to campus!



Phone – 01935 423921

Email – enrol@yeovil.ac.uk

Website – www.yeovil.ac.uk

CEIAG Support – gayle.pogson@yeovil.ac.uk

YCUC – university.centre@yeovil.ac.uk

Social Media – All our social media channels are continuously monitored and our messaging services are available. This is where our most up-to-date news and information is stored so will help you feeling integrated with the rest of our college community. Give us a follow.