Leadership & Management Academy

“Yeovil College is committed to the business community it serves.

We have a dedicated Employer Engagement team who have been working closely with businesses and partners to ensure that what we deliver in education and training meets the needs of our learners and our business community.

Our Employer Engagement team would like to work with you to ensure we capture the present and future workforce needs of your business to provide you with a fit for purpose workforce supporting you to grow and prosper. We firmly believe that in supporting you to develop your business, our broader community will have a brighter future with more and better opportunities.

Our ability to successfully develop this is dependent on how closely we can work with you, we would be very grateful if you could spare an hour of your time to meet with a member of our Employer Engagement team or myself so that we can better understand your business and how we can ensure what we teach in and out of college prepares our learners for future opportunities in your business.”

Our Aim


Yeovil College is a well-established provider of a wide range of services and with our understanding of value for money and flexible delivery options, The Leadership and Management Academy is here. The Academy is a non-for-profit programme backed by the combined resources and experience of our delivery partners supporting businesses in the South-West.

As experts in “Excellent Through People”, the programme is designed and delivered by our highly experienced business leaders who aim to provide members with their top tips on managing people; effectively creating a toolkit that can be implemented the very next day!

With a variety of delivery styles; therefore not all chalk and talk, the workshops are highly engaging; have plenty of task/group work combined and ultimately leave members feeling inspired and empowered; helping them to do their jobs better and get the very most of or the people they work with.



We have created the Academy to support our business community to develop the capacity and capability of its managers and leaders. We believe this can be achieved through the professional development programme and peer support. We believe the businesses in the region can grow and prosper through the sustained development of their leaders and managers, that by sharing the best the region has to offer within each of the themes, we can improve the effectiveness and impact of the leadership in the South West

Membership of the Academy lasts for three years and within the package participants will enjoy 36 networking and CPD events and 6 formal professional development seminars which will be delivered by practicing experts in each specialism.


This is a solid grounding for all aspects of improving your management capabilities, particularly if you are just starting out in a Line Manager role.


These sessions aim to help anyone looking to improve their skills in generating ideas and complex problem solving.


Within these workshops you will gain the knowledge you need to formulate, execute and monitor the planning, managing and implementation for your organisation.


This subject covers various topics designed to help develop the talent and mindset required to innovate and succeed in the digital age.


No matter what your role, Human Resources professionals need to operate as true thought leaders in a number of different areas. These sessions will cover everything from organisational culture to staff recruitment and developing people.


Communicating effectively is seen as one of the key competencies in business, and if you would like to develop your communication skills, our workshops will help you improve both quickly and dramatically.


A key commercial function for any business, our Marketing topics cover everything from understanding marketing strategy to managing effective marketing activities.


If you manage research data or are interested in building on your skills for managing information systems, these workshops have something for you.


Change Learning about legal structures for organisations will help develop skills in corporate strategy and policies, and how to best implement them, staying on the right side of the law.


Gaining a solid understanding of project management and the skills required for successful projects will help save you time and money in your business.


These sessions are unique, intensive, and highly interactive aimed at becoming a catalyst for profound leadership that will certainly get you thinking differently.


Our business improvement workshops are a great way to learn from experts and discuss your own business improvement requirements.